How can GFRC concrete help protect the facade from vandals?

Protect the facade from vandals

How can GFRC concrete help protect the facade from vandals?

Concrete is one of the most commonly used materials used in construction. Houses, housing estates, fences, motorways and bridges are the most typical constructions, usually made of concrete. The material owes its popularity to high strength as well as strength, water resistance and frost resistance features.

Concrete is a great solution

Concrete is so-called a composite material, and thus a combination of several components is formed, of which the largest part is cement, which acts as a binder. The other components are fine and coarse aggregate (for example gravel or broken aggregates, granite or basalt aggregates) as well as water. The concrete mix may also include additives, which should not exceed 20% of the mass in relation to the mass of the binder, as well as admixtures, the content of which is the lowest (5% in relation to the binder). It is worth noting that the composition of the concrete may vary depending on the type of its intended use. For example, for the construction of roads and highways, the so-called asphalt concrete, for the production of which water and cement are not used, and asphalt. Modern railway sleepers as well as bridge elements are made of very durable polymer concrete, which consists of a synthetic resin, which in this case is a binder.

The concrete reinforced with fiberglass has been very popular recently. This is a novelty for architecture and interior design.
This product is a reinforced fiberglass concrete slab that combines the advantages of fiberglass and concrete. The development of this model was based on the vision of a light and at the same time stable concrete façade slab, which will be resistant to the impact of weather conditions and the natural environment, and at the same time will be durable and aesthetic.

Concrete reinforced with fiberglass thanks to its strength properties, the highest load capacity, maximum durability also gives protection against vandals. From polished and sandblasted surfaces after the use of special anti-graffiti impregnation, all inscriptions made by graffiti artists can be easily removed.

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