Does architectural concrete have to be gray – what do GRC contractors propose?

Does architectural concrete have to be gray – what do GRC contractors propose

Does architectural concrete have to be gray – what do GRC contractors propose?

In modern interiors, the gray, raw concrete surface is the background for an unusual arrangement. What is under the name architectural concrete?

Architectural concrete has an appearance that does not require plastering or painting. Achieving this goal is not easy at all. The final appearance of the walls and ceilings surface is influenced by many factors, both during the production of concrete and its laying on the construction site.

The composition of the concrete mix

Architectural concrete is made of the same ingredients as ordinary concrete, cement, aggregates and water. However, it distinguishes it from the ordinary concrete recipe of a concrete mix, and exactly the type of cement used. It should be a metallurgical cement that gives a bright, fairly uniform color. Its advantage is also a lower risk of concrete cracking caused by the heat of hardening.

The graining of the sand used to make the mixture is also important. The texture of concrete and the homogeneity of its surface depend on it. Aggregate should be round or in the shape of a regular, undefined and flat.

Does architectural concrete have to be gray?

Chemical admixtures, plasticisers and liquefacts modifying the properties of the concrete mix are added to the concrete mix. They are intended to reduce the amount of water added to the concrete mix. At the same time, they help to obtain good plasticity and workability. Thanks to this, it fills the formwork well, leaving no empty spaces. It is also easier to compact, which allows you to obtain a compact structure.

To get the planned appearance of architectural concrete, it is not enough to select the ingredients of the mixture. Much depends on the drawing of the surface of the formwork. Repeatable formworks made of metal will make the walls and ceilings smooth, while formwork made of planks or particle boards will give them a texture of wood or impressed chip system.

Formwork should be prepared in advance, they should be secured with good anti-adhesion agents that prevent adhesion of concrete mass to them. Thanks to them, the surface of the concrete after removing the formwork will be without damage. We should remember that GRC contractors does not have to have a gray color. Currently, there are many opportunities to make such concrete in a variety of colors that will dramatically change the interior.

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